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The Organisation


A new chapter was rewritten in Indian Medical Association's History when IMSA was reformed and incorporated in it as IMA-SW.


We bring the best out of each medical student by providing a gateway to brilliant oppurtunities by hosting some exciting events.

Org. Structure

An organization without a proper structure is like a chariot without a charioteer . We have not left this stone unturned as well. We are organized!

About Us

The formation of IMASW itself was a big achievement. Let us go back to 2011...

The formation of IMA-SW was itself a big achievement. It was in 2011 that the medicos across the country were the country was cornered by many issues. There was no one who represented them in this world of health sciences. There was no single organization that could enable them to explore new avenues. No organization that could provide a solid platform on a bigger stage so that the medicos could come out of their shells. It was as if no organization was there was helped them to introduce to the glories and opportunities outside. As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The IMSA was born with the implication that it is the one stop solution to all those problems. An organization with a simple, concise objective in mind “to build a common platform for representation of all the medical students of the nation irrespective of the university they study in, grades, age, sex, caste and region they belong to.” And presently the then newly formed sibling has grown up great heights till now. It is the largest medical student organization in the country with more than 20,000 members. The IMA-SW now includes 25 state chapters throughout the country.


Achievements are the testimonials that you receive for your hard work and dedication.

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